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Inspiring Talk with Jacques Antoine Granjon, Vente Privee Founder and CEO

Last year (2013), my friend Jacques Antoine Granjon, one , if not the most impressive and inspiring CEO I met in my life,  gave us the pleasure to speak at our Kima Day event.  Jacques Antoine is not only a awesome entrepreneur, he’s also investing in a lot of startups.

He talked about many things including the beginning of Vente Privee and the end of pure players in the ecommerce space.

Vente-Privee is the biggest ecommerce pure player in Europe. (more than 2000 people working there)

Vente-Privé plans to more than quadruple revenue in the next decade  aiming for annual sales of 6 billion euros to 8 billion euros by about 2024 (from 1.6 billion euros in 2013)

Must Watch for ecommerce players!

The talk was recorded thanks to the 42 School Team.

Please find it below.

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