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First of all, you can follow me on Linkedin or Twitter (@jberrebi)

I took a Business Break for some time to focus on my Talmudic Studies and some long term projects. I’m spending almost all my time disconnected and I have no smartphone.

PS: I’ll not travel outside of Israel for the moment.

So, please

  • Don’t send me any projects, business plans, slides etc.. I can’t give any advice and I’m not investing AT ALL for the moment.
  • Don’t send me any meeting requests
  • Don’t request any business speech/keynote.
  • If you have an idea/project and you don’t know how to launch it, it means that you’re not the right guy to do it. Read books, Learn how to code.
  • If you are looking for a job, send an email to job at Berrebi dot org (I’ll not answer but forward it to some companies I’m involved in)
  • If you want me to give a Torah/Judaism Conference, send an email to Torah at Berrebi dot org
  • If you need help/advice about Judaism (and only about that), send an email to Judaism at Berrebi dot org .
  • If you have a Halachic question about Business Torah, Internet/Ecommerce and Shabbat, buy/read these great books.

All of that means that you have almost no chance to get a reply by email from me.
If you want to understand why I’m doing that, please read the book Deep Work