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Vous cherchez à lutter contre les intrusions et à améliorer vos performances ?

L’un de mes amis, Patrick Chemla, propose une prestation très originale destinée aux gestionnaires de sites web. En gros, sa solution est un Firewall dynamique se trouvant un peu partout dans le monde.

Vous trouverez ci dessous sa présentation en anglais bien que lui même soit français d’origine. Patrick a travaillé et continue à travailler sur ces problèmatiques pour Zlio au cours des derniers mois.

Message from Patrick:
Every day, all websites are subject to intrusion attempts by robots that attack directly or randomly. I put online a new machine from Lille 3 weeks ago, and I already identified more than 30000 intrusion attempts (system connections , intrusions on mail servers, looking for backdoor on the website, DoS, DDoS,…… ), and my small sites are not listed in Google yet! I worked for the past 6 months at Zlio and I have found that nearly 20% of the connections came from robots (search engines and hackers). The security budget of large companies and governments continually increasing, but smaller businesses who do not have their means would also be protected. And who wants to have fun, there are hundreds (thousands) of hacking sites that explain in detail how to attack a machine on the Internet of dozens of ways.
Here are the types of services that I can provide:
— Enhanced Security: In 2 words, it is a platform to share global security data, machines connected to the Internet based on a pattern similar to that of anti-virus software for PCs. It detects dynamically in real time malicious IP addresses (criteria based and regularly updated) as a result of an attack at one of our members being protected behind our fence, and in less than 5 minutes all our members are protected against an attack possible outcome from this IP address. If it attacks once one of our members, it will no longer attack any of our members in minutes. I set up the system on my sites, and it works so extraordinary. All my machines are faster, the traffic is more fluid through the elimination of unwanted traffic. Few days ago, I made a fraudulent manipulation on one of my machines located in Lille, and 2 or 3 minutes later, I was ejected from all my servers (Paris, Marne-la-Vallée / Ra’anana) . Unable to reach them by normal means from my home. I had to go through a server outside my network to restore my access rights. It’s surprising! It’s very effective. My list of unwanted addresses enriched by a few dozen per day. When we’ll have several members, it will be several thousand per day. The electronic warfare exists, and all Governments and large enterprises must be prepared to defend itself. You can not imagine the number of attacks from Asian countries (China, Korea, Thailand,…). They seek to acquire knowledge, or to weaken their competitors.
— Performance Booster, is to develop / optimize an architecture consisting of Load balancers and cache servers to improve performance (up to 60% gain possible) of any website. The clientele: the sites of medium importance on the rise, and who can not afford / competencies to pay for architect, a full-time  Performance specialist ,…

— Performance & Availability Monitoring, to monitor sites and help small sites rising to understand their needs for power. This consists of measuring 24×365 system indicators  and response time, internal and external to better understand the behavior of the architecture under surveillance and suggest improvements.

I would be happy to give more details to anyone asking at patrick.chemla (AT)

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