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et hop, le marché de l’emploi dans les startups n’a jamais été aussi bon…alors voici une petite annonce de, société dont notre investisseur Mangrove est actionnaire.

Senior / Lead Developer – Paris, France is an exciting new internet company that is re-defining the limits of RIA – and needs a visionary lead developer / engineer to help push the envelope.  We are now looking for talent to join our international team in Paris, France to spearhead the client side development.

This is a unique opportunity for a talented people to join a young company with a huge growth potential – the VC backing us is a testament to this potential – Mangrove Capital partners – early investor in Skype.
The team is based in Paris, France but most of us are ex-pats. We work in English. This is a chance to live in Paris and get in at the ground level of an exciting and innovative company.

Job requirements:
Must have good knowledge of Object Oriented Programming.
Strong understanding of OOP Design Patterns (ie GoF).
Experience with dynamic, interactive content in Flash 7 or later versions. 
Game programming is a plus.
Ability to interface well with Graphic Designers for look and feel and with traditional Engineers for back-end logic/content conversion.
A hungry design/development mind who wants to push concepts to the limit.
Knowledge of any or all; Assembly, C, C++, C#, Java and ActionScript 3 (AS 3.0) is a plus.
So, if you are:

* … a great coder, collaborator, inventor and architect all rolled into one;
* … looking for the next cool problem to solve, in a fast-paced and engineering-driven environment;
* … interested in working with a hard-core, talented development team;
* … into working with massive amounts of data and do you excel at finding patterns, inventing algorithms and designing systems;
* … entertained in your off hours by taking things apart just to see how they work? Are you successful putting them back together when you’re done;
* … excited by the idea of working for a new Internet start-up in one of the most beautiful cities in the world and making some serious money –

Then you should contact us ASAP:

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