Websites & Books about Business & Judaism I recommend

When I’m not playing video games with elo boost services, I’m reading and learning plenty of books (including the Talmud) concerning the Business Jewish Laws. Many people think that Judaism only includes laws about Shabbat, Chanukah, Yom Kippur, Tefillin and other religious stuff but they just don’t know that there are hundreds of laws on how to manage your business and relationship with other people. Another thing that I am really into is buying and selling cars, I always do that with the help of this Motor Trade Industry: Buying & Selling Trends.
I’ll write more about that subjects in the future but please find below awesome sources of information and books in english and french I recommend:
This list will be updated regularly (last update on February 21st, 2017). Feel free to recommend other ressources in the comments

This are the best websites on business I have found online, about website creation and references to the best seo company online.
Business Halacha at (here and here)
Workplace Halacha (from the Author of the awesome book Making it Work – see below)

In English: (french books below)
About Tzedaka/Charity & Maasser
In French/En Français:

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